Nir Hermelin

My inner child wants more music…

If there is one thing I know: it’s that I can’t tame my inner child. A responsible child is what I want to be when I grow up…. (not an irresponsible adult).

I’ve moved countries 4 times. I’ve spent 2 years travelling in over 20 countries. I’ve fallen in and out of love.  An Engineering degree, a business Masters degree, start-ups, corporates ….. but I want to focus on the music. And so I’ve left the corporate life, and starting anew…

The Music itself (well.. my recent music)

The concept is a Sit-Down Journey: you sit, and your mind journeys. Its introspective yet fun. intellectual yet emotional. I intend to fly you to a transcended frame of mind… with a smile… of course. Thus far, my listeners have agreed.

Genre: Adventurous Chill-Out.


Born in Israel, to a Ukrainian-born mother and Egyptian-born Father, I moved with my family to Durban, South Africa when I was five. It took me five whole years of piano playing to realise that I actually want to play guitar. Then six years of classical training, three years of rock, one of jazz and a whole whole bunch of listening & practising, and I end up with my current playing technique. I rejected a scholarship to study at Berklee School of Music in 2004 opting for an alternate career .

Its interesting that 10+ years later, I’m back to my music focus.


Electro, Bossa-Nova, Flamenco, Rock and some African sounds. But recently there is always an underlying Electro/chill-out feeling to it. I add my classical influence, and incorporate a Bass line, melody, and rhythm section where I believe is technically possible. My inspiration comes from a seriously wide variety: Sting, Jamiroquai, Bach, Tommy Emmanuel, Bluetech, Debussy and quite a bit of Trance & Chill-out.

What else

I really hope that people will start seeing the classical guitar as an instrument for more than just classical music.

If only one kid starts learning the classical guitar because of my music.. it will make my day :)