Nir’s other life

Nir also has his other business life: As many might know, this life is always somewhat in tension with the artistic life.

He’s worked in a range of stuff: Strategic Procurement at Toyota; business process at parliament; renewable energy; consulting to NGOs and social enterprises. He has a B(Sc) Electronic Engineering degree, and is also an MBA Alumni of the London Business School.

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Applying Business knowledge to my music career ?

Recently I’ve used my business skills on my music career.

I asked myself “How do I quickly test my music on my audience, and get feedback?”ie: “How do I get an MVP (minimal viable product) to customers for feedback?”.

I decided to create these Evening-Events , where 3 musicians would each perform 20 minutes. There would be breaks in between each musician, to connect the artists and listeners for feedback. Thankfully, I could be one of these musicians quite regularly. :)