Musicians & Entrepreneurship

I wrote this little blog a while back, and thought I’d put it into my new webpage, cause it got real good feedback last time.
Its quite hard being an entrepreneurial musician.Sure, I can be innovative with marketing channels, venues, partnerships…
But the product itself?

Entrepreneurs constantly innovate in order to give their customers what they want.
But musicians (like all artists) want to share who they are, and what they feel!

So why do I say this?

Well… I wasn’t a winner at the classical competition this weekend.
Two judges did approach me afterwards, independently, and gave me great feedback.
One was specificaly interesting. He said:

Nir, your performance was amazing, and your execusion superior.
But, this is not a concert, it is a classical competition.
Your Bach Cello Suite needs to be played like judges would expect baroque music to be played. You see, if one judge doesn’t like your originality, you don’t get all the ‘ticks’ required.

I’m not saying I would have won had I played Bach correctly, but it makes me think:

Should a musician play what he feels? Should he please the crowd? or the judges?
Clearly, it needs to be a compromise. Staying authentic is going to be a challenge going forward.

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